Champion of Champions

The best of bowling in the Far North

The “Champion of Champions” competition that brings together the best bowlers from clubs across the region to compete against each other.

Here’s how the tournament typically works

Participants in the Champion of Champions event are usually individual players or teams who have achieved champion status in their respective clubs. This can be based on winning previous club championships, or other qualifying tournaments.

The tournament can be organized as a singles event, pairs (two-person teams) or larger teams, depending on the specific rules of the competition.

Players or teams compete in a knockout-style format, where they face off against opponents in a series of matches. The winners of each match continue to the next round, while the losers are eliminated from the competition.

CHAMP OF CHAMP 2023-2024 season

Womens Pairs – Winner Pania Sigley and Kaye Gorrie (Russell)

Runner up Anne Lomas and Joanne Milich

CENTRE EVENT WINNERS 2023-2024 season

Centre Mixed Pairs

Winner: Darren and Pania Sigley (Russell)

Runner Up: Jill Fraser, Max Hamilton (Kerikeri)

Men’s Centre Pairs

Winner: Ian Wilson Harold Yukich (Okaihau)

Runner Up; Anthony George, Gary Hooson (Russell)

Women’s Centre Pairs

Winner: Jill Fraser, Tracey Kastelan (Kerikeri)

Runner Up: Pania Roberts, Ana Pipi (Opononi)

Men’s Centre J5 Pairs

Winner: Ken Thomas, Lee Exler (Kaikohe)

Runner Up: Regan Haynes, Warren Smith (Okaihau)

Women’s Centre J5 Pairs

Winner: Lindy Beaver, Chrissy Drewery (Coopers Beach)

Runner Up: Tanya Harris, Leeann Brown (Okaihau)

Women’s Centre Fours:

Winner: Anne Lomas, Audrey Sommervel, Georgia Lidgard, Christine Stratton (FNRSA)

Runner Up; Faye Norman, Tanya Harris, Leeann Brown, Kate Haynes (Okaihau)

Men’s Interclub Sevens;

Winner; Kaitaia Church Road

Runner Up: Kerikeri 1

Women’s Interclub Sevens:

Winner: FNRSA 1

Runner Up; FNRSA 2

Women’s Centre Singles

Winner: Anne Lomas (FNRSA)

Runner Up: Jenny Taylor (Kerikeri)

Women’s J5 Centre Singles

Winner; Leeann Brown (Okaihau)

Runner Up: Georgia Lidgard (FNRSA)

Men’s Centre Triples

Winner: Peter Dorreen, Paul Huxtable, Kevin Briscoe (FNRSA)

Runner Up: Marty Doak, Lloyd Matthews, Dennis Wishnowsky (FNRSA)

Champion of Champions Title

The player or team that emerges victorious at the end of the tournament is awarded the title of “Champion of Champions.” This title is a symbol of excellence in the sport and is highly regarded within the lawn bowling community.

Champion of Champions tournaments are often seen as a way to showcase the best talent in lawn bowling and promote friendly competition among players from various clubs. These events are not only an opportunity for top bowlers to test their skills against one another but also a chance to encourage good sportsmanship and friendly rivalry between the bolwing clubs in our area.

The specific rules, format, and organization of Champion of Champions tournaments is overseen by Bowling Far North as the local governing body. It’s important for participants to be familiar with the rules and regulations of the event before hand and further details are availble on request.

Champ of Champ Events


Feb Sat 17th & Sun 18th   Pairs – Mens and Ladies Open

March Sun 3rd Singles – Mens and Ladies Open Day 1

Sun 10th Singles – Mens and Ladies Open Day 2

Sat 23rd & Sun 24th Triples – Mens and Ladies Open

April Sat 13th & Sun 14th Fours – Mens and Ladies Open

May Sat 25th & Sun 26th – Mixed Pairs Open

Centre Events


Nov Sat 11th & Sun 12th Bowls 3 Five

Sat 18th & Sun 19th Fours Mens and Ladies Open

Dec Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd Interclub 7’s

Sat 9th & Sun 10th Singles Ladies Open and J1-J5   Triples Mens Open


Jan Sat 29th Centre Junior Interclub

Feb Sat 13th & Sun 14th Supa Gold Pairs Mens and Lades

Mar Tues 12th & Wed 13th  Supa Gold Singles Mens and Ladies

Centre Women’s pairs
Jill Fraser and Tracey Kastelan of Kerikeri

Mixed Pairs winners
Darren and Pania Sigley from Russell

Winners of Centre Mens Pairs
Ian Wilson and Harold Yukich from Okaihau